About ABB OneBill


ABB OneBill

ABB OneBill not only simplifies your monthly billing but also leverages the collective power of our buying group. This means you gain access to negotiated discounts and a robust list of vendors, all tailored to the needs of independent eye care practitioners. With ABB OneBill, write just one monthly check, streamlining your operations and freeing up valuable resources to enhance patient care.

Explore our vendor information tab today and discover how ABB OneBill can continue to add significant value to your practice. Embrace the ease and efficiency of our consolidated billing solution and make the most of our collective buying power!

Questions? Email us at onebill@abboptical.com or by phone at 800.444.9230.

Streamline Billing. Increase Efficiency.

ABB OneBill does more than just making managing billing easier. Practices can also take advantage of:

DISCOUNTS – on vendor products and services billed through ABB OneBill.

ONLINE STATEMENTS AND PAYMENTS – that allow you to pay at the click of a button.

MORE EFFICIENT USE OF ADMINISTRATIVE TIME – by reducing the time spent processing multiple statements.

A WIDE RANGE OF VENDORS – who offer products and services.