ABB OneBill Customer

What is ABB OneBill, formerly part of the Primary Eyecare Network (PEN)?

ABB OneBill is a Buying Group that offers its customers access to a portfolio of vendors (frames, contact lens, laboratory, business services, equipment, ophthalmic products & etc. ) and the time-saving convenience of having all of your billing consolidated into a single monthly statement. Customers enjoy an easy payment structure/system with flexible payment options and the ability to pay at the click of a button.

What changes will Primary Eyecare Members be experiencing beginning April 1, 2021?

With the rebrand of PEN to ABB OneBill, the legacy PEN membership may see changes to the fees incurred today. Existing customers will also experience an enhanced portfolio of vendor-partners and incentives, online account access, individualized support, and consultation through the ABB OneBill Customer Success team.

Does my account have to use ABB Optical Group (SCL and Lab) to be an ABB OneBill customer?

While we would love every customer to be an ABB Optical Group customer, there are no requirements to be a customer of other ABB businesses.

What does it cost to be a customer?

There is no direct cost to be an ABB OneBill customer. You can potentially decrease your monthly service fee percentage by maximizing your monthly total billings. For total billings 0 to $5,000, the service fee percentage applied is 4%. For total billings $5,000.01 to $ 10,000, the service fee percentage applied is 3%. For total billings > $10,000.01, the service fee percentage applied is 1.5%. We encourage you to explore our portfolio of vendors. Keep in mind, the more vendors you consolidate, the more potential savings of time and efficiency you achieve. Please speak with an ABB OneBill Customer Success team at 800.444.9230 to guide you through all the services and savings you will get by becoming a customer. You may also email questions to onebill@abboptical.com.

What service fees are assessed on my ABB distributor and lab billings?

There is a .5% service fee on ABB Optical contact lens and lab purchases.

What is the ABB OneBill consolidated billing service fee structure?

There is a low service fee customized to the monthly billing volume of each practice location. This fee is calculated on all non-ABB billings and is added to your monthly consolidated billing statement at the account level. ABB Contact Lens and ABB Labs billings will not be assessed any service fees.

With the re-brand of PEN to ABB OneBill, does this mean that my ABB distribution statement will be combined with my ABB OneBill monthly statement?

If your ABB distribution and lab invoices are separate today, they will remain separate with no changes. To gain efficiency, we would love for you to add to your ABB OneBill consolidated billing statement; otherwise you will continue to receive these separately. Simply complete an Vendor Account Transfer Form and an ABB OneBill Customer Success team will take care of the rest!

Is there a fee associated with payments made by credit card to your ABB OneBill statement? And what credit cards are accepted by ABB OneBill?

Yes, there is a 2.5 % fee for remittance made by credit card. ABB OneBill accepts AmEx, Visa, Discover and Mastercard.


What will happen with the PEN education and events?

PEN Education is now ABB Educate. We invite you to create a username and password. The link to Education remains available on the ABB OneBill website. ABB Educate will continue to offer a variety of education programs, including a combination of Continuing Education and non-Continuing Education events. Our John McGreal, O.D., Billing and Coding workshop series, along with a robust curriculum around the eyecare industry, will still be available to our ABB OneBill customers.

My ABB OneBill Account

What will happen with my PEN account?

As an active PEN member, no action is required on your part. Your consolidated billing will automatically transition to ABB OneBill and your account number will stay the same. With the rebrand, we sent a notification request to send updated Terms & Conditions to onebill@abboptical.com. As always, the ABB OneBill Customer Success team is available to support you through this change at 800.444.9230.

How do I add a vendor to my ABB OneBill account?

Simply complete a Vendor Account Transfer Form and submit it to the ABB OneBill Customer Success team via email at: onebill@abboptical.com.

What if I want to transfer a vendor but I don't see them on your list?

We want to hear from you, and we invite your vendor to call us directly. Please reach out to the ABB OneBill Customer Success team at 800-444-9230 or email onebill@abboptical.com.

What if I have questions about the transition to ABB OneBill?

If you are unsure about the transition from PEN to ABB OneBill or want to understand your options, please contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success team at 800-444-9230 or onebill@abboptical.com.

Will I still get my PEN Cooperative Bonus?

As part of the transition to ABB OneBill, the cooperative bonus has been discontinued.

What happens if I’m unable to pay my ABB OneBill monthly statement by the due date?

Contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success team right away at 800.444.9230 or via email at onebill@abboptical.com.

What if I have questions about my statement, amount due, credits, service fees, etc?

Please contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success team at 800.444.9230 or via email at onebill@abboptical.com.

What forms of payments are accepted by ABB OneBill?

You can pay by credit card, check, or ACH. We invite you to contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success team at 800.444.9230 or via email at onebill@abboptical.com to discuss your options.

Can we access our statement online?

Yes, your statement is accessible online at https://www.abbonebill.com/user/login . Use your existing login or create your online profile. An ABB OneBill Customer Success team member will contact you to verify your account. This could take up to 2 business days.

Publications and Office Forms

What are Publications & Office Forms?

ABB OneBill offers optometric office forms and reference materials to ALL eye care practices for a nominal fee. Office forms are continually updated to provide practices with the most current information available. These forms include CPT codes, CMS claim paperwork, and common diagnosis cards and forms such as consent for treatment, receipt of glasses, medical history, and many more! The link to Publications remain available on the ABB OneBill website

Are the administrative forms compliant with Medicare?

Yes, all of our Medicare-related forms are compliant and updated yearly.

Can you customize forms for our practice?

Contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success Team for support on customizing the following items:


• HIPAA Acknowledgment of Receipt Labels

• Lifetime Signature-on-File Labels

• Medicare Fee Schedule

What was my last Publications order?

Contact the ABB OneBill Customer Success team for your order history.

When can I expect to receive Publications & Office Forms ?

Your order will go into production upon receipt of your payment. We accept credit cards, ACH, and checks. Check payments must reference Publications and be made payable to ABB OneBill.

Please mail your checks to the following address:

ABB OneBill #7228
Dept 710063
PO BOX 514670
Los Angeles, CA 90074-0684

How long will it take to receive my Production & Office Forms order?

Please allow 48 business hours for your order to be processed. All products are shipped via UPS Ground and may take 7-10 business days to arrive, depending on your location.

Fee schedules are shipped through regular mail, and depending on your area, it may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Can I still order publications if I'm not an ABB OneBill customer?

Yes, you may place an order without being a customer. However, ABB OneBill customers receive discounts on all publications.

Medical Billing Services

What is Medical Billing Services ?

ABB OneBill is pleased to partner with Compliance Specialists, Inc. (CS EYE) for all your billing and compliance needs.

Who is CS EYE?

CS EYE is committed to partnering with doctors to build strong, compliant, and profitable businesses by expertly managing and supporting their compliance and insurance billing operations so they can focus on patient care. Their offerings include Medical Billing, Credentialing, Compliance, Chart Reviews and Audit Assistance, and more.

We encourage you to contact CS Eye to explore their services at www.cseye.biz/abb